In the end, it’s all about the MUSIC

This is a translated article from the original release, in July 2016 on my home-recording (romanian written) blog about recording for beginners. It is more than a statement and it covers to some extent what my opinion is about the subject. There are more to be added but I recommend you to start with this.

The idea from which I started the blog was to try to convey a mood, the same idea that we should have when we do music.

Because it’s more than just arranging buttons and knob sites, effects processors etc.

They are just tools that we use to communicate. It’s about vibrations and frequencies.

I want, and still plan to do some workshops, tutorials and examples, but lately I had other activities that kept me away from this world somehow. I read about what and who is selling, what get’s out of market etc. And it’s good to know, but it does not affect in any way the music we do.

It’s easier than ever to have your own recording studio.

And prices have decreased greatly, the revenue slightly heightened, but basically because the mindset has changed.

I constantly continue to support the work and qualifications of each in what we call music. The sound engineer is not the artist (proper, but he mastered an art) or composer and often is for me a technical job, can not transpose as to an artists, the composer, who lives or has lived when he wrote the piece.

The same goes for the  mix engineer, master and music throughout the chain. The manager and agent (not quite the same thing) and PR man must take account of the artist, who he is, what he represents and how he wants to present.

With goods and bads, let the artist be an artist.

Those who are born so talented (and they are few, you know when you hear them) will never be controlled or industry-adaptable; than, to some extent, is the role of team around him to take advantage of all the possibilities.

That’s why artists so talented end their career in bars, restaurants, weddings and baptisms (nobody wants to go there -I have not met any DJ or a musician to say I get to sing / make wedding- for musicians is a kind of rock bottom, but it’s a decent way of making money) but when interpreting a particular song, you see that physically turns.

turntable pick-up

Just as the artist does not necessarily have to be the composer. What would have been a band without committed band members?

I say this because there is still a phenomenon I’ve noticed that I too was struck several years ago, that least among the artists who are just getting started in the Romanian underground Hip Hop scene:

make your own studio.

After not even a full song recorded in a professional recording studio, there is the idea that they need to have their own studio.

And so you start thinking about how to get the money for a microphone instead of writing two third verses and taking a free beat (in 2016 producers are inviting you to spit something on their beats).

Except Parazitii and Okapi Sound, they aren’t anny successful Hip Hop crew’s in Romania that have their own recording studio.

Where I want to get? Think carefully about what you want to do. You can not go from emcee to sound engineer, producer, mix and master man, photographer and video editor, filmmaker, graphic cover art and posters, pr (youtube, facebook etc).

Let the music speak. If you are an artist be an artist, it stands out at the right time. And people back to the team, know their job better. What music would be today if it were not -effective- some scientists behind the materials that have changed your life? Let’s think a little Michael Jackson … just.

The purpose of a blog like this is to ease your work, but what work?


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