Hello there! My name is Em (short from Emanuel). I was born in Romania, Eastern Europe, currently living in Toronto, Canada.

Since I can remember I was in love with music. Not with a specific genre, but more about the state that a song can give you. I am also a DJ (“DJ EM”), I have a recording studio and record label. I’ve been studying music (at all of its extension) since forever. I know something about music production, mixing, mastering, publishing, releasing, promoting etc. I know about the music business and its insights, its history and where it might go in the future. I spent time in the studio with artists and building songs from scratch. Went through all the steps such as building an album from scratch. I know about the emotional part (as an artist and as a content creator), also about the business part (such as releasing the song, the artwork, the press kit, the presentation, the live show, television and radio, shooting videos from the scratch – scripts, directing, cameras, lenses, people etc.) and of course about the online presence (marketing and PR).

But, as I like to say “In the end, it’s all about the music”. It’s all about the state of the spirit you are in when you listen to a certain song (track, recording, concert etc). Music will save us all.

The mission:

This blog is a personal blog and I will be subjective (as the dictionary says objective refers to object, so we will look to music through the individual soul perspective) on the matter. You will read my opinion in music that I like (or dislike; although I wouldn’t waste my time and yours); music from all over the world, and all the genres and live concerts. You will read about the emotional state and also about the business perspective. Please subscribe, rate, comment and interact as much as you want. Please try to keep it decent. On this blog I will use or promote music that may contain language or videos that some my consider inappropriate (18+). I am not a vulgar guy and I try to keep it as decent as possible.

Note that I will try to sell you stuff. Via Affiliate Marketing or ads displayed or campaigns that I will run on this blog. I will be decent and I will only promote things that I know, I use and I believe in them.

I am passionate about blogging and the online aspect too. I write heavy sometimes. You can read some more on my personal blog (in romanian).

Lupul Crestin (in romanian) about personal and business development through a spiritual view.

Home-recording.ro (romanian language again), the first blog about recordings and how to in Romania. Also I have written the guide Introduction to home recording, a 40 pages pdf guide that covers all the basics about home recording, the kind of guide that I would have liked to have when I started. I am currently translating and updating this guide in english and soon you are about to have a nice surprise.

MoviesForMySoul a similar blog like this one, about movies (English version). Check it out.

WisdomOfTheSpirit.wordpress.com I consider myself a spiritual man. I know there is more than what we see and through my searches I have discovered some things that I share on this english written blog.

You can reach me through the contact pageI am also available on the social media, most active on twitter and linkedin.

Don’t forget to subscribe to this blog, comment and interact. And most important don’t forget, in the end, it’s all about the music.

parental advisory explicit content
parental advisory explicit content




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